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Trek Actors Get A Raise

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A last-minute raise was negotiated for the stars of Star Trek 3.

Plus – Paramount is thinking ahead to Star Trek 4.

The Star Trek actors only received “nominal raises” to do Star Trek into Darkness, and were looking for a better deal for Star Trek 3.

Paramount would have preferred to again give only nominal raises, but there were two things standing in the way of that; a potential legal issue, and the rising star power of several of the actors.

Some of the actors and their representatives claimed that since seven years had passed, the original deals were no longer valid as California law dictates that a “personal services contract cannot bind someone for more than seven years.” The seven years in question ended in 2014.

Paramount did not agree with that, and it was possible that legal actions could have been taken by either side.

Plus – at least two of the stars, Chris Pine, and Zöe Saldana, are now more popular and command more these days than when Star Trek (2009) or Star Trek into Darkness was being made.

Paramount gave concessions to the actors, including “hefty raises and better performance bonuses,” but they wanted something in return. In exchange for the raises for both Pine and Quinto, the studio wanted the pair to grant options for a fourth Star Trek movie, and they have done so.

Pine is walking away a big winner, going from $600,000 for Star Trek (2009), to $1.5 million for Star Trek into Darkness, and now to more than $3 million dollars for Star Trek 3.

Not a bad deal!

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76 thoughts on “Trek Actors Get A Raise

  1. Since when are Pine and Saldana more popular and successful now? What has either done recently that was a success? What, one successful film makes Saldana successful? What about all the other flops she did? But she needs to top that $96 million from last year somehow….

  2. I don’t know how good reboots 3 and 4 will be, but given that they’ll be made, I’m glad that Paramount has acquired Pine and Quinto for them, Quinto especially. The problems I have with the reboot movies — especially reboot #2 — are all in the scripts; the actors are excellent. And since Quinto had a special connection with Mr. Nimoy, it makes me hope that if the script writers ever DO give Quinto a restrained and logical Spock to play, Quinto will know what to do with it.

  3. STD was 150% fuller of shit than Trek ’09, so I can’t argue with raising everyone in accordance with their increase in output.

  4. I have never had a problem with the cast of the new films, they are great actors. – Its fun seeing them all in other film projects and or in tv series. However, this news means there may be a problem in the future. I can easily see the actors commanding salary demands that Paramount simply won’t be willing to meet, and the Abrahms bubble bursting a lot faster than the TOS films or TNG era did as a result.

  5. To be fair, she was a star in Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a few smaller hits. I’d hardly call her “bankable” just yet, but she isn’t that far off either.

  6. JJ-Trek 4, huh? I’ll believe it when I see it. All of the studios ready the next installment of their franchisees before the current one is made, but not all of those next installments actually get made. Green Lantern 2 and Amazing Spider-Man 3 come to mind.

    JJ-Trek 3 has to make $$$ first to both cover production and advertising costs and then of course the actual profit and having to give the actors a big pay raise only serves to make the film that much more expensive. If it makes less than twice the production costs, I wouldn’t hold my breath for another one.

    We’ll see how things go…

  7. That was always known from the first time it was revealed who the new actors would be. JJ’s reboot was never going to be anything more than a few movies. As much as I hate JJ-Trek, even I realize that if the powers that be wanted to reboot the franchise, TV would have been a better medium than film. They would have gotten more bang for their buck in the long run.

  8. Personal services contract? Where can I get me one of those? California only? Sheesh!

  9. Studios are trying to push Pine, Quinto and Saldana to A-level status but they’re nowhere near that at this point. They might be able to headline a TV show but not a bankable film that doesn’t have a franchise pedigree attached to it.

  10. Please. The best actor by far in the Star Trek 90210 series is Karl Urban. He is able to hold his own as well as channel the late DeForest Kelley as Bones nearly perfectly.

  11. > JJ’s reboot was never going to be anything more than a few movies

    How about rebooting the reboot? Y’know, just like Hollywood wants you to forget about Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and go instead with Andrew Garfield’s. Or Eric Bana’s Hulk vs Ed Norton’s. Or Christopher Reeve’s Superman vs Brandon Routh’s? Lets not even look at Batman…

    (and yes, I had to look up these names, as they’re all rather unmemorable)

    They’ll keep rehashing the same old shit until they stop making money, but if Trek falls into that trap, I’m truly and definitely done with the franchise; I won’t even go see them in theaters. I’ve already stopped buying the movies at the first JJ-Trek.

  12. Much like George, it’s borderline whether Quinto’s better known for being gay than he is for being an actor. Aside from shouting about his sexuality in the pink press, what’s he done since the pile of dump that was Into Darkness? I think he might be in the second Hitman film, but I don’t think that’s seen the light of day yet.

  13. Since “Into Darkness,” Zachary Quinto has been in the movies “We’ll Never Have Paris,” “I Am Michael,” “Hitman: Agent 47,” and “Snowden.” He’s been in the TV shows “Girls,” “The Slap,” and “Hannibal.” At about the same time as “Into Darkness,” he was a regular on “American Horror Story,” for which he was nominated for an Emmy. He’s also used a lot of his time and energy to work as a producer.

  14. I agree, the new cast is excellent; the problems with the reboot movies are almost entirely in the scripts. I like the mature Kirk better than the jerky Kirk in the reboot movies, but the jerky Kirk isn’t Pine’s fault; he does a nice job with what he’s given to play. I like a restrained and logical Spock better than the moody Spock that’s in the reboots, but given what’s written, Quinto plays him superlatively.

  15. God-awful in every way except for McCoy (Urban). The “love” between Spock and the awful Uhura actress..sheesh. Gene must be turning over in his grave. I realize these are all just stories and it’s supposed to be good popcorn fun but it is drek as far as art and skill go. Into Darkness’ plot was such a ginormous joke. Tribbles to save Kirk was just perfect in terms of illustrating how JJ bastardized the franchise and turned it into a laughingstock. JJ is like Blue Horseshoe…he’ll buy up the assets and sell them off to line his pockets and leave nothing behind as he does. Please stop paying to support this kind of garbage. It’s aimed at 12 year olds with low IQs, which explains JJ’s involvement. He’s on to destroy Star Wars next. That thing just reeks of melodrama already.

  16. “Gene must be turning over in his grave. ”

    Sheesh, not. He actually wanted to develop the romance himself and he would if the time had been less conservative and against interracial couples. Nichelle Nichols confirmed that back in 2009 at trekfest and several interviews.

  17. Shouldn’t pay be based on ability, skills, experience? Not popularity? Course, to pay someone to recite lines by written by someone else, I’d pay them $10 an hour…

  18. He played a self-described “rocket scientist” financial expert in “Margin Call,” a film about Wall Street finance. Excellent movie.

  19. Actually, I remember there being a moment or two in the series where Uhura seemed to be flirting with Spock. I thought there could be something going on there.
    Also, to those who cringe at the idea of recasting and everything, Gene considered doing that in the 70s for the first movie. He wanted more popular actors to fill the roles to make Trek more bankable. I thought I remember reading somewhere something about Robert Redford in one of the lead roles?
    My point is, Gene Roddenberry wasn’t adverse to recasting the original cast.

  20. In Hollywood, pay is based on how many butts in seats movie stars can get. If you are an actor that is in hit after hit, you’ll probably be able to ask for higher pay. Except for Pine and Saldana, I’m not sure that anyone in this cast can claim bankability yet, and even those two are still kind of/sort of. As for Saldana’s Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Chris Pratt however, he can ask for whatever the hell he wants!

  21. I think Trek has already fallen into that trap. To be fair to Star Trek, that’s just the current state of all of Hollywood. Star Trek is a prime IP, so Paramount is going to juice the hell out of it until there is only rind. They don’t care about making something that stands the test of time anymore, they only care about opening weekend.

  22. I agree, the actors are fine, but the scripts are terrible. Into Darkness didn’t feel like Trek, and was boring and meandering as a space action adventure movie (at least the first Abrams Trek movie was decent in this regard). If this next Trek film is as bad as I fear, then I hope it bombs and that’s the last of this new Trek film series. Better to have nothing at all than trash.

  23. After Jurassic World’s financial success, Pratt can ask for the sky. Still I don’t see him as a particularly charismatic leading man. Rumor is he might be the next Indiana Jones if Disney can still afford him.

  24. making stuff up?

    “I decided then from the character that I read [Spock] that I wanted to be very much like that character but in a feminine way. And Gene [Roddenberry] said, and I was sharing this with George [Takei] the other day, when I told him that I thought of Spock as my mentor. Because if you remember Uhura was
    the only one he was able to teach the Vulcan lyre to and he sang and spooffed on Spock. Now, you could have never had a love scene in 63 between Uhura and Spock but there were several hints and Gene was one in the kind of beginning to follow that” — Nichelle Nichols (google it for source and more interviews with her stating that)

    star trek fans remember from the books too that it was hinted years ago by TPTB.

    But I guess this is ‘making stuff up and trolling’ .

    Stop being butthurt and calling anyone a ‘troll’ just because they disagree with you. NOW that’s pathetic.

    ps: bonus, Leonard Nimoy himself, the man who played Spock and created the character with Roddenberry also, disagreed with you

    TrekMovie: Once you mentioned that he (Zachary Quinto) did something that blew you away. I am curious now that I have seen the film, what was it that you went ‘oh that is really interesting’?

    Leonard Nimoy: His relationship with Uhura, he played something
    that I was quite touched by. So did she for that matter. They both were terribly available for each other.

    “‘Beautiful, beautiful. Wonderful’ – said
    Leonard Nimoy, who reprises his role as the older Spock in the movie. – ‘Both of them played it so well. They were both so available to each other. Very touching, really.’”

    “You know, I’ll tell you. I was bemused by it when I read it in the script. I was amazed by it when I saw it on screen. I thought it was incredible. It works brilliantly.”

    “Frankly, I was extremely jealous of his scenes with Zoe Saldana and I think it’s totally unfair that I never got to do that. I will never forgive the writers and the director, for having put me in
    this position, to have to be watching that, rather than participating”

    You will deal. Adieu.

  25. Zoe Saldana should make at least the same money Quinto makes otherwise they are bullshit. I don’t care about a fourth movie right now but if it’s made, Kirk, Spock, Uhura and McCoy or die.I’d never watch it if only Quinto and Pine got back, their dynamic doesn’t interest me enough to watch the movie ONLY for them.

  26. u serious? Zoe is Avatar’s (nuff said) protagonist with whatshisname which will get 3 sequels. She also is a regular in the marvel franchise with gotg that also was a box office money maker and she might appear in crossovers of the same franchise like the other characters do. Currently there are rumors about her movie by Luc Besson (Colombiana) getting a sequel too. Her indie ‘Infinitely Polar Bear’ with Marc Ruffalo just came out and it is critically praised. She voiced one of the main characters of ‘The book of life’ by Guillermo Del Toro. She also got a role in Ben Affleck’s new movie set to get filmed later this year, she was in ‘Out of the furnace’ with Christian Bale and ‘The Words’ with Bradley Copper. Oh and she’s one of the new international faces for the well known L’oreal french brand. Zoe Saldana is the shit. Paramount and Bad Robot better try to keep her in trek because if their leading men failed to become leading men, the same cannot be said about their leading lady.

  27. yet, they have an easy way out if they want: just end the trilogy with Spock/Uhura’ son so they can make more movies in the TNG vibe with a completely new cast and new characters. Future Star Trek doesn’t HAVE to be about Kirk and Spock at any cost.

  28. I doubt someone will remember his McCoy as his McCoy, though. He’s more or less just playing DeForest without really making this McCoy particularly unique on his own merits as the alt version of him too. I’m sure people will remember about Quinto-Spock as well as Pine-Kirk and Saldana-Uhura who might as well impact future trek reboots. Even Scotty, but that’s because the actor keeps playing himself rather than Scotty not really because he made the character his own. Chekov might be a totally different character while Sulu is more or less like McCoy just Urban is more memorable as an actor.

  29. You can’t even comprehend what you copy/paste. Nichols said her character saw Spock as a mentor. Do you have romantic/sexual relationships with your mentees? If so, then you are even sicker than I thought. There is zero evidence for a Spock/Uhura romance. A Spock/Chapel romance? Maybe. A Kirk/Uhura romance? Maybe. A Uhura/Scotty romance? More probable than Spock based on STV.

    Now you will deal and stop trolling nonsense.

  30. I think you having a temper tantrum here and you’re the one with serious reading comprehension ( or more like kettle logic and straw man argument).
    The context of the above interview by Nichelle Nichols was her specifically addressing why Spock/Uhura being a couple in the reboot made sense to her (that’s what she got asked about) and why it has canon support for her. She explicitly states that a relationship between them was hinted or planned in the show too (hence some scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK3Fc14xOu8 ) , but Roddenberry couldn’t make them an item back in the 60s because the ‘cultural’ background of the time made it impossible. Simple like that.
    I might add, it’s just a different version of this other interview she also did:

    “Now, go back to my participation in Star Trek as Uhura and Leonard (Nimoy) as Spock. There was always a connection between Uhura and Spock. It was the early 60’s, so you couldn’t do what you can do now, but if you will remember, Uhura related to Spock. When she saw the captain lost in space out there in her mirror, it was Spock who consoled her when she went screaming out of her room. When Spock needed an expert to help save the ship, you remember that Uhura put something together and related back to him the famous words, “I don’t know if I can do this. I’m afraid.” And Uhura was the only one who could do a spoof on Spock. Remember the song (in “Charlie X”)? Those were the hints, as far as I’m concerned.”

    Furthermore, even the Kirk/Uhura kiss was supposed to be between Spock and Uhura originally but Nichols said that Shatner made them change it ( http://www.themarysue.com/uhura-spock-kirk-kiss/ )

    what you want more? Judging from your tone, if Roddenberry himself came back from the death and said it too you still would call everyone disagreeing with you a ‘troll’. You clearly don’t even know what ‘troll’ means. How old are you?

    And you don’t even cite the old ST paperbacks for the “hints” of a relationship so that’s another fail.

    well, honestly, why should ANYONE do that for you?
    The above quotes already do a fair job backing up the fact that there IS quite enough evidence that a Spock/Uhura romance is not so canon crazy like you’re obsessively insisting that it is (and in several articles). What are YOU providing on return to backup YOUR own opinion instead? What are you ‘citing’ from old ST paperbacks or interviews from cast and crew to prove that ‘there is zero evidence for a spock/uhura romance’? You are giving absolutely NOTHING but your personal opinion alone so I can’t see why the others should do what you’re obviously not willing to do yourself to give more substance to your own opinions.

  31. 4/10 btw.

    “Stop making stuff up, you’re a pathetic troll.”
    “Now you will deal and stop trolling nonsense.”
    “you are even sicker than I thought.”
    (from the other page) ” it’s hard to believe anyone could be this blind or stupid, so you must be a troll or insane.”

    basically, you’re being purposely antagonistic with people who dare to have opinions you don’t like by immaturely trying to shut them up with juvenile personal attacks telling them that they should ‘stop’ because they are trolling when the only one trolling, with this behavior, is you.

  32. I’ve read that they were originally intending Rand for Kirk, Uhura for Spock and Chapel for McCoy, but then they decided on the Babe of the Week for Kirk. They were clearly setting up a Spock/Uhura romance with her flirting with him in “The Man Trap” and her singing to him in “Charlie X.” I always thought Mr. Nimoy had MUCH better chemistry with Ms. Nichols than he did with Ms. Barrett, so I was sorry they decided to take things in a Spock/Chapel direction.

  33. I do remember reading that when Pine and Quinto signed on for the first three, their agents, at the time, screwed the pooch and both ended up getting a lot less than they should have. The article did predict that if either signed on for a fourth movie, there would be a significant raise in pay.

  34. No, anybody, anywhere, can get a personal service contract. It is just a contract between an employee and an employer. I have a one year contract with my employer (it spells out that I can’t just leave, and they just can’t fire me except for the reasons given in the contract), my mother has a 3-year contract with her employer.

    While not common, they are hardly unheard of– and neither I nor my mother live in California. Though, I don’t get 150% ‘nominal’ raises (but, then, I don’t make my employer millions upon millions of dollars either).

  35. Only if the next one does well enough to warrant more. Don’t see it and tell your friends to do it the same!

  36. Yeah but do you really want Paramount to screw up TNG also? They are trying their hardest to ruin TOS with the JJ-verse. That is why fans are clamoring for a TV show again.

  37. Good. They all deserve it, and it’s good to know that the studio is planning ahead for the fourth movie. 🙂

  38. Rant rant rant – that stuff closes out of town.

    You’re wrong about all of it.

  39. Neither of them could “open” a movie, but I think name recognition helps sell tickets, even if that name isn’t Tom Cruise (or whoever the current big name is).

  40. I agree with your opinions of the recent films. Your comment on “reboots 3 and 4” slightly confused me, and gave me a new way of looking at the upcoming movies – Star Trek Beyond is a reboot of JJ-Trek! After all, if they are starting on the five year mission, this is arguably the beginning of the real “star trek”.

  41. Whatever problems JJ-Trek has, it’s better than Transformers. Those movies are unwatchable.

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