May 26 2024


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Kurtzman And Kadin On New Trek Show Differences

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As part of the interviews conducted by TrekMovie at NYCC, Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin spoke about plans for new Trek shows to follow Star Trek: Discovery.

First off, Kurtzman wouldn’t reconfirm what he has said in August, namely that the Picard series would be the next new show. But he did say that “you’ll be hearing a lot about it very soon,” meaning more news on the new shows would be coming soon, not necessarily just limited to the Picard series.

With all the new shows coming, there is always the possibility of too much Trek in too short a time. Kadin is aware of that and said, “I think the one thing we can say which is more general is that it’s been a real conscious effort that every project we do have its own voice and occupy its own space. I don’t mean its own space in canon, I mean its own tonal vision. Because you shouldn’t tune in to Discovery and wonder if you flipped the channel, that it was Picard. They should feel different, they should have different messages coming from different people.”

Kurtzman echoed that, saying “as viewers, we want to make sure you’re getting a different experience every time you watch a different Trek show.”

And what about a new Animated series? “We can’t really talk about it yet,” said Kurtzman.

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