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Kurtzman: Spock And Filling In Canon

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In another of TrekMovie‘s interviews at NYCC, Alex Kurtzman spoke about connecting Star Trek: Discovery with the original series, as well as why Spock was chosen to appear this season.

According to Kurtzman, everything will be brought “into alignment” at the end of the season. “The Cage will be touched on,” he said, “but in ways that I think are hopefully surprising and unexpected. I think one of the things that I’ve really enjoyed in my time working on Star Trek is looking at stories that have been told but then really examining them for the gray areas, the areas where certain things can be filled in or built on, without violating canon. So that’s a big part of what we’re doing this season.”

Kurtzman also explained why they decided to bring Spock on board, after having previously said that he would not be appearing in Discovery. “What gets me so excited about the story that we get to tell with Spock this season is that it’s the unwritten chapter of Spock. This is not the Spock that you know from the beginning of TOS, this is pre-TOS. He is not that formed Vulcan yet. His experience with the Red Angel and the signals has fried his logical brain. He cannot make sense of it. And he is emotionally ill-equipped to deal with it. So both logic and emotion are failing him, totally. And he is totally unsure of himself and trying to figure out how to make sense of the mystery and where he fits into the world. And it’s through his complicated relationship with his sister that he’s able to figure out how to become and actualize himself as the Spock that we know from TOS. And that’s really exciting to us because it in no way violates canon; it just builds on what’s been set before.”

For those wondering where Discovery would be going this season, and if they would be visiting familiar planets, Kurtzman had this to say. “Talos. We’re going to Talos.”

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