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Rapp And Cruz: Love And Friendship

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In another interview conducted by TrekMovie at last week’s NYCC, actors Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz spoke about their characters’ relationship, and Stamet’s friendship with Tilly (Mary Wiseman).

Fans of the Stamets-Culber duo want to know – what is the future of their relationship now that Culber has seemingly died. Cruz spoke about Culber, while doing his best to not give away too much. “What I can tell you [about Culber’s return] is that we will get to know this person in a really deep way,” said Cruz. “I think we hit upon the surface last season, and I think we really get to know who he is, this season.”

When asked if he was wearing a doctor’s uniform or clothing created in the mycelial spore network, Cruz said, “I can’t tell you any of that. If I answered…it would be a clue as to what is going on. That’s why I’m not in the trailer.”

Rapp explained about his friendship with Tilly and what Tilly means to Stamets. “She’s the person that Stamets can be vulnerable with, and talk openly about stuff that I don’t think he would talk about with anybody else,” said Rapp. “In season one, there was the really nice scene in the cafeteria, in the mess hall? That kind of stuff? And then she helped him out so much. I mean, all of those seeds were planted and I think they’re just bearing fruit in wonderful ways in season two, from the first episode on.

“She’s safe haven…but she’s also a brilliant scientist unto herself, so that they also help each other with the ‘science-ing’ of things.”

Star Trek: Discovery Season Two begins January 17, 2019.

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