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Star Trek Novels For July-Dec 2019

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Fans of Star Trek novels can now see what to expect for the rest of 2019, including a newly-announced novel coming out in December.

Five novels will be available from Gallery Books/Simon and Schuster including Star Trek Discovery: The Enterprise War by John Jackson Miller, TOS: The Antares Maelstrom by Greg Cox, TOS: Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Gene Roddenberry, –TNG: Collateral Damage by David Mack, and Star Trek: Discovery: Dead Endless by Dave Galanter.

The Enterprise War arrives on July 30. Here is the description of the story: “A shattered ship, a divided crew—trapped in the infernal nightmare of conflict!

“Hearing of the outbreak of hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, Captain Christopher Pike attempts to bring the U.S.S. Enterprise home to join in the fight. But in the hellish nebula known as the Pergamum, the stalwart commander instead finds an epic battle of his own, pitting ancient enemies against one another – with not just the Enterprise, but her crew as the spoils of war.

“Lost and out of contact with Earth for an entire year, Pike and his trusted first officer, Number One, struggle to find and reunite the ship’s crew – all while Science Officer Spock confronts a mystery that puts even his exceptional skills to the test…with more than their own survival possibly riding on the outcome.”

To pre-order The Enterprise War, head to the link located here. The Enterprise War will be available as a paperback, Kindle ebook, or audiobook.

Next up is Greg Cox’s TOS: The Antares Maelstrom. Set during the original five-year mission, “The final frontier erupts into chaos as vast quantities of a rare energy source are discovered beneath the surface of Baldur-3, a remote planet beyond the outer fringes of Federation space. Now an old-fashioned “gold rush” is underway as a flood of would-be prospectors, from countless worlds and species, races toward the planet to stake their claim. The galactic stampede threatens the stability of neighboring planets and space stations, as widespread strife and sabotage and all-around pandemonium result in a desperate need for Starfleet assistance. Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise are dispatched to deal with the escalating crisis…which lies on the other side of a famously perilous region of space known as the Antares Maelstrom.”

Look for TOS: The Antares Maelstrom on August 13. It can be pre-ordered here. It will be available as a paperback, a Kindle ebook or an audiobook.

Something for the Star Trek: The Motion Picture fans will be a re-release of TOS: Star Trek: The Motion Picture novelization. In the novelization, due out October 1, “The original five-year mission of the Starship Enterprise to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations has ended. Now James T. Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise have separated to follow their own career paths and different lives. But now, an overwhelming alien threat—one that is ignoring all attempts at communication and annihilating all opposition in its path — is on a collision course with Earth, the very heart of the United Federation of Planets. And the only vessel that Starfleet can send in time to intercept this menace is a refitted Enterprise, with her old crew heeding the call to once again boldly go where no one has gone before.”

To pre-order TOS: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which will be released as a hardcover book or a paperback, head to the link located here.

Also coming out in October on the eighth is a new David Mack novel, TNG: Collateral Damage. In Collateral Damage “The past returns to haunt Captain Jean-Luc Picard — a crime he thought long buried has been exposed, and he must return to Earth to answer for his role in a conspiracy that some call treason. Meanwhile, the U.S.S. Enterprise is sent to apprehend pirates who have stolen vital technology from a fragile Federation colony. But acting captain Commander Worf discovers that the pirates’ motives are not what they seem, and that sometimes standing for justice means defying the law.”

To order TNG: Collateral Damage, head to the link located here. Collateral Damage will be released as a paperback, Kindle ebook or audiobook.

Finally, this weekend brought the announcement at the Shore Leave convention of a new Star Trek: Discovery book by Dave Galanter; Discovery: Dead Endless. In Dead Endless “The U.S.S. Discovery’s specialty is using its spore-based hub drive to jump great distances faster than any warp-faring vessel in Starfleet. To do this, Lieutenant Paul Stamets navigates the ship through the recently revealed mycelial network, a subspace domain Discovery can briefly transit but in which it cannot remain. After responding to a startling distress call originating from within the network, the Discovery crew find themselves trapped in an inescapable realm where they will surely perish unless their missing mycelial fuel is found or restored. Is the seemingly-human man found alone and alive inside the network the Starfleet officer he claims to be, or an impostor created by alien intruders who hope to extract themselves from the mycelial plane at the expense of all lives aboard Discovery?”

Look for Dead Endless on December 17.

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