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Isaacs Would Like To Return To Discovery

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Last weekend at Star Trek: Las Vegas, as reported by TrekMovie, Jason Isaacs expressed his desire to return to Star Trek: Discovery.

When he got the role of Mirror Universe Lorca, Isaacs knew it was only for one season. “I knew going in that I was doing just one season,” he said. “It felt like a great thing to do and I felt fine about it, but as I got close to everyone and close to and understood the significance of Star Trek and the brilliant storytelling and what it means in the world, I felt the loss of that.”

But when asked during the Q&A if he would return as Lorca, Isaacs said, “How do you know I am not already? Of course I would do it. I loved it!”

Isaacs revealed that he has already spoken to producers about a possible return. “I have talked to them plenty,” he said. “Where and when? Nobody ever dies. There is a Prime Lorca. There are three different shows coming out and multiple seasons, and if I can squeeze back into that eight year-old’s uniform, would do. Who wouldn’t want to do it again? They are timeless stories.”

How does Isaacs see Prime Lorca, as opposed to Mirror Universe Lorca? “The point about the Mirror world that we built is it wasn’t meant to be how it was in Mirror, Mirror,” said Isaacs. “This was meant to be a Darwinian universe, just with a different political attitude that the strong should rule the weak. I don’t think he would be that many miles away from Prime Lorca. It wasn’t a coincidence that I sneaked the line in: ‘Let’s make the Empire glorious again.’ It’s about a different political attitude…I think Prime Lorca would be pretty much the same.”

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