May 25 2024


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Nickelodeon Star Trek: Attracting Younger Fans

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TrekCore was at New York Comic Con last weekend, and was able to speak with Heather Kadin about the new animated Star Trek that hopes to attract younger viewers to the Star Trek franchise.

“The reason we went to the Hagemans is because if you’ve seen their work, you know that they’re not writing Muppet Babies,” said Kadin. “It’s not ‘Little Spock and Little Kirk.’ It’s not playing down [to viewers] that way.

“Even [with] their characters in Ninjago — they are teenagers — I was able to watch that with my kids and they write with a very epic quality. They tell stories the way we tell stories in live action: serialized, turning over cards.

“I think it will be a great way for fans to introduce the franchise to their kids, and for new fans to be formed, because it’s such a big franchise, [it can be hard] to get into as a kid.”

Kadin added that fans can expect the animated Nickelodeon Star Trek show to have continuing story lines.

Don’t expect the new Trek series to air in 2021. It will take “longer,” said Kadin. “I was surprised! As someone who makes big, live-action shows, I heard how long it was going to take and I was like, ‘What?’ Because it’s 3D animation, so just takes that much longer.”

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