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Trek Actors Get A Raise

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A last-minute raise was negotiated for the stars of Star Trek 3.

Plus – Paramount is thinking ahead to Star Trek 4.

The Star Trek actors only received “nominal raises” to do Star Trek into Darkness, and were looking for a better deal for Star Trek 3.

Paramount would have preferred to again give only nominal raises, but there were two things standing in the way of that; a potential legal issue, and the rising star power of several of the actors.

Some of the actors and their representatives claimed that since seven years had passed, the original deals were no longer valid as California law dictates that a “personal services contract cannot bind someone for more than seven years.” The seven years in question ended in 2014.

Paramount did not agree with that, and it was possible that legal actions could have been taken by either side.

Plus – at least two of the stars, Chris Pine, and Zöe Saldana, are now more popular and command more these days than when Star Trek (2009) or Star Trek into Darkness was being made.

Paramount gave concessions to the actors, including “hefty raises and better performance bonuses,” but they wanted something in return. In exchange for the raises for both Pine and Quinto, the studio wanted the pair to grant options for a fourth Star Trek movie, and they have done so.

Pine is walking away a big winner, going from $600,000 for Star Trek (2009), to $1.5 million for Star Trek into Darkness, and now to more than $3 million dollars for Star Trek 3.

Not a bad deal!

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76 thoughts on “Trek Actors Get A Raise

  1. “All of the studios ready the next installment of their franchisees before the current one is made” – This was obviously not the case with STB.

  2. This makes no sense. There are plenty of gay people, but only one NuSpock. And why would Quinto “shout about his sexuality in the pink press”? The “pink press” is full of gayness. Quinto’s only gets noticed because of Trek.

  3. Mentor/mentee romantic relationships are not unheard of. As long as it’s not exploitative it’s not a problem.

  4. Apart from Pine and Saldana, Pegg, Quinto and Urban have geek appeal, which is worth something, and I’d say John Cho is also quite a popular figure thanks to Harold & Kumar plus American Pie (he’s the original “MILF guy”).

  5. Too bad the OP was deleted, reading it would doubtless have increased Kang’s appreciation of such a fine smackdown.

  6. All of which must be completely irrelevant of course “cuz he’s a stinkin’ queer”.
    To be fair Admiral Bear did NOT say that. Kang is just narked off because Kang was exposed to to many ignorant, pinheaded Texans bitching about the queers being able to walk down the aisle, and Obama’s gunna go down in histry as the socialist Muslim who destroyed the United States by lettin’ the queers get married. Which is no surprise ‘cuz he’s one-uh them anyway, and them folk were selling each other anyway so why should “we” give up our precious not-the-actual-flag-of-the-conspiracy-but-a-battle-standard-which-was-forgotten-by-the-public-until-white-surpremacists-started-using-it-as-a-rallying-symbol-to-defend-segregation, since of course y’know the war of Northern aggression was fought over taxation anyway and had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery.
    Gods’ great abundant silky-smooth buttocks. Kang feels stupider just for being in the same state with such as these. Perhaps Kang needs to get some Rick Perry smartifying glasses.

  7. Agreed. Kang pulled out twenty-four percent fewer hair follicles watching a bootleg of Star Trek Into Eyebleed than during any one scene of Dork of the Moon or Revenge of the Fallen that Kang was unlucky enough to observe.

  8. Agreed. It’s an ensemble, not the Great and Glorious K/S Rub ‘n’ Tug.

  9. Not at all. They’ll simply recast with grade-schoolers or something.

  10. Agreed. I had purchased 3D Imax tickets for the last one in advance and then received a free ticket to a sneak preview. I was so disgusted by the inanity of the so-called writing (last straw for me was nuSpock’s Khan yell) that I promptly demanded and received a refund for those tickets. Now that Orci and his cohorts are no longer part of the writing staff, I’m more open to the next one BUT I’ll wait and see this time and won’t be there opening night. As a certain ship’s engineer once said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  11. Quinto’s *only* claim to fame, IMO, was as Sylar…. since then, he’s been a dismal failure.

  12. Why? Her character still isn’t remotely as important as the main stars. They can try all they want, but this is still the Kirk and Spock Show. Its not like there is an original thing abuot those movies anyways, but to be honest, just like TOS, Uhura and the rest of the ensamble could be replaced with just about anyone without skipping a beat. Personally, I’ve always been intrigued by the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” crew, with Doc Piper, Lee Kelso, Gary Mitchell and Yeoman Smith joining Kirk, Spock and Scotty as the main crew. That would have been a great place to start the reboot movie, since none of the Big 7 were supposed to have known each other that long ago.

  13. I knew so-called ‘fans’ like you trapped in the past would say bullshit like this, but what else is new?

  14. These types of relationships are inherently exploitative as the mentor has power over the mentee. This is why many universities and workplaces ban (or at least frown on and discourage) professor/student and supervisor/supervisee relationships.

  15. No problem with the concept of Spock/Uhura beyond the obvious rank/in charge implications. That and the fact that Spock acted unprofessionally in his treatment of Uhura (either by assigning her to the Farragut when she should have been on the Enterprise, or assigning her to Enterprise when she should have been on the Farragut). Oh yes, then the teenage tizzy during a mission to the klingon home world that had Kirk hanging a lantern on it.

    I was more of a Uhura/Scotty fan personally.

  16. It’s too bad it got deleted, mm85 must have been on the receiving end of a fine smackdown.

  17. I agree about Karl Urban. I think many hung up on wanting a replica of TOS love him because he’s basically a carbon copy and the actor himself has said that was his intention. There’s no “this” mccoy that he’s made his own. On that note he’s one of the least memorable characters and DeForrest Kelly’s McCoy is much better because he made the character his own and people responded to that. All of the people really responding to Urban’s “version” are really just glad to see him channeling Kelly’s. Saldana, Pine, and Quinto have done the best jobs of making this timeline’s version of these characters their own. Yelchin and Cho have done well too. Once you get into that it’s quite nice, but the last script for STID was terrible. Just terrible.

  18. And Spock was flirting back with her too a few times, so I don’t see what the big difference is here other than they acted on it.

  19. Yes, but then you have to ask yourself is Spock someone that would exploit anyone, and is Uhura the type that would allow herself to be exploited. I think the answer is no on both fronts.

  20. “They can try all they want, but this is still the Kirk and Spock Show.”

    This, almost more than anything else, is what hurt the last film. These characters weren’t set up in the same way and the actor’s don’t have the same energy with each other. They tried to force it and it looked like they were lovers more than best buds, and considering the plot and previous developments from the 2009 film that was just confusing.

    Uhura and the rest of the cast (save for maybe Scotty, but at least the actor’d still be writing) cannot just be replaced without most people noticing and taking issue with that. It’s easy to look at something that works and just think well anyone will do, until you try that and it fails.

  21. You’re conflating prime universe Spock whom we know (and love) from three TOS seasons, six films and a TNG appearance as someone would not exploit (i.e. he’s extremely ethical), but alternate universe Spock is a completely different person that we should not recognize as the same Spock. JJ-Trek Spock is emotionally unstable and finagles his way to get Uhura onto the same ship as him against her explicit wishes just because he desires her. Imagine a male office supervisor doing the same with a female supervisee against her wishes. It would be grounds for firing in many companies. This new Spock has got sexual predator written all over him. Yuck!

  22. “finagles his way to get Uhura onto the same ship as him against her
    explicit wishes just because he desires her. Imagine a male office
    supervisor doing the same with a female supervisee against her wishes.
    It would be grounds for firing in many companies. This new Spock has got
    sexual predator written all over him. Yuck!”

    You should watch the film, because that does not happen. The exact opposite of what you’ve just described is what happened. He put her on another ship that she didn’t belong on because he was trying not to seem like he was giving her preferential treatment. Uhura brings up a valid point of how could it be preferential when she’s earned her place on the Enterprise and is the most qualified for the job. If she didn’t stand up for herself she’d have died with Gaila on the inferior ship.

    The last thing Spock is in any time line is a “sexual predator,” my friend. He was emotionally compromised from having his planet destroyed and mother killed. That would emotionally compromise anyone. Stop trying to paint him in the worst light because you don’t like an expanded direction for the character. This Spock works out just fine and he’s just as worthy and decent as Prime Spock, only younger.

  23. I think you got the story backwards about how Uhura got assigned to the Enterprise.

    Obviously they have a relationship at the point of assignment. But does the movie say when their relationship began? If it started when he was her superior officer then that’s really inappropriate. Starfleet is kind of military in its hierarchy and rules, so I can’t imagine that kind of entanglement would be by Starfleet regs. I agree that it’s inherently unethical to have a romantic relationship with someone under you in a chain of command. Like you say Spock has always been such a paragon of ethics so it makes this relationship feel unnatural and forced by the writers to create some melodrama on the ship. I wish they would concentrate more on the seeking out new life and civilizations part of Trek, and less on the soap opera between the characters. The Kirk and Rand thing is also tiresome and you just don’t look to bang people under your command. But I guess that sex sells more tickets.

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